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$250,000 in Lifesaving Supplies En Route to the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Zone

Some of the hundreds of thousands of people left homeless by the once-in-a-century earthquake in Turkey and Syria will soon sleep a little easier thanks to the generosity of Klymit, one of the world’s premier camping outfitters, and Atlanta -based nonprofit Softer Streets.
With more than 22,000 people dead along the 62-mile-long rupture point, many families are sleeping outside around small fires fueled by the debris of their crumbled homes. They refuse to leave in case a loved one is found, either dead or alive, by the rescuers. Most of those rescuers themselves have lost homes, relatives, and friends. Hundreds of thousands more people are sheltering in unstable buildings, overcrowded shelters, cars, or the unprotected outdoors.
Almost 1,000 of these survivors will receive Klymit’s KSB 15 sleeping bag, allowing comfortable sleep in 15-degree temperatures and featuring a hood to keep their head warm. Hundreds more will receive the Static V sleeping pad, which provides water-resistant, ergonomic support and insulation from the ground. Klymit also is donating almost 500 seat cushions, which pack down to pocket-size and inflate to a warmer, more comfortable place to sit, and can be used as a pillow at night. And warm camping socks will protect people from permanent hypothermic injuries to their extremities.
“From our earliest days, Softer Streets has been committed to providing assistance to refugees and people impacted by natural disasters worldwide,” says Softer Streets President Amy La Porte. “Thanks to Klymit’s generosity, we were able to expand into international work in 2022 during the Ukraine war. Now, with their help, we are positioned to supply crucial aid to those who need it most during this appalling tragedy.”
“In times of crisis, it is our duty to come together and support those in need,” says Klymit CEO Cory Tholl. “We have always appreciated our partnership with Softer Streets and their ability to make things happen when and where it has the biggest impact. Today, we are proud to aid the earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and stand with the affected communities in their journey toward recovery and rebuilding. Every little bit helps and together, we can make a meaningful difference.”
Softer Streets continues to collect donations to support this vital mission, as well as our ongoing projects in Ukraine and across the United States. Just $15 supplies a critically needed sleeping mat to someone who is unsheltered through poverty, violence, or natural disaster. You can help by visiting:

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