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Cold weather camping tips from Klymit

 Cold Weather Camping Tips 

The temps have dropped. The nights are getting longer. And cold weather camping is upon us. It’s time to break out the lower rated sleeping bags and extra layers. 

Winter camping can be extremely rewarding when you wake up to extra crisp air with beautiful cold snowy views (and not to mention, less-crowded trails), so let’s take a look at some of the best ways to adjust to cold weather camping so you can get out there and sleep (warm) outside!

insulated pad put into tent for cold weather camping

Use an insulated pad

Insulated pads offer an extra layer of insulation to help keep warm on colder nights. In addition, the deep welds on our pads create expansion zones that help keep your sleeping bag lofted and warm. Whether you need a light pad for a backcountry skiing trip or you need a double pad for you and a partner, Klymit’s insulated pad ranges from the Insulated Static V Ultralite SL to the Insulated Double. 

Break out a cold rated sleeping bag

Once you start camping in colder temperatures, cooler rated sleeping bags are a must for staying warm overnight. Look for sleeping bags that are rated 0 degrees and colder. Other features that help maintain heat include mummy hoods, like on our Wild Aspen 0 and KSB 0, as well as drawstring shoulder baffles, as seen on our Big Cottonwood 0 and -20 bags. To ensure you have the right amount of room for air to circulate, make sure to get a size and style  of bag that fits your body well. 

Try a sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag liners are a great way to keep your sleeping bag fresh and clean. And with the help of cozy microfleece, the Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Liner can help keep you warm on colder nights. With features like velcro closures and a pull-string hood, the Nest sleeping bag liners are an extra comfy addition to your sleeping bag set up. 

Bring a blanket

Still feeling chilly in your 0 degree bag? Pack a camping blanket to add some extra insulation. Pack around the edges of your sleeping bag or tent or toss inside your sleeping bag to create air pockets for extra warmth. Our Versa blanket is the classic choice, but also others like the Versa Luxe for more options!

Don’t forget a light

Not only is cold-weather camping cold, but it’s also dark. The sun rises later and sets earlier, so it’s good to have extra lighting available. Whether you are setting up your tent, cooking some dinner, or even playing a quick game of cards, a soft-diffused light such as the Everglow Light Tube helps brighten up your space

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