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During this time of uncertainty, we are all missing our normal routines and adventures. At Klymit, we hope that sharing our favorite places to sleep outside can help to inspire your next adventure once life starts to go back to normal again. We're all in this together. 

DEB BRZOZOWSKI, Customer Service Specialist 
FAVORITE PLACE: 100 Mile Wilderness, Maine  

"I was introduced to the 100 Mile Wilderness while thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. The area has a reputation of being remote and difficult to travel, but I loved my time hiking through. Even though the A.T. is well traveled, I had a campsite to myself every night usually with access to a freshwater pond or lake and an expansive view. The sights and weather were so beautiful I took an extra day to swim and sunbathe! Watching the sunset and listening to the loons on the water was so peaceful!"

CASEY ALLEN, Returns and Warranty Manager 

"Reason: I am within an hour from Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion’s, and Lake Powell. I can go to any of these places and enjoy the vast beauty of our world."

PARKER HANCEY, Roadshow Specialist 
FAVORITE PLACE: My Backyard, Utah 

"My favorite place to sleep outside is my backyard. I have trouble finding the time to go on genuine camping trips, but here I still get to experience the sunshine, the fresh air, and the overall beauty of nature. I love toasting marshmallows over the fire pit, climbing the ash tree, and just relaxing in the grass. Usually when I sleep out here it's in a sleeping bag on the hammock, but there's plenty of space for a tent, too.

STACY PECH, Staff Accountant 
FAVORITE PLACE: Bloomington Lake, Idaho  

"I love the Bloomington Lake, ID area. I have a cabin there and love to explore the surrounding area. Bloomington Lake is north of Bear Lake on the Idaho side. The wilderness is beautiful and there is plenty of land around the lake to explore. Here is a picture of my Dad and I enjoying a beautiful day. My dad has always been a great hiking buddy!"