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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from us here at Klymit! We hope you take some time to get out and enjoy nature to celebrate. Here are a few ways you can do so:


We know you’ve been looking at a new trail all spring… it’s time to giterdone!!!

The Mystic Hydration Pack is the perfect pack for your trail! Holds up to 3L of water in the bladder that comes with the pack, keeping you refreshed and hydrated on your hike.


Does your family have a favorite camping spot? Try volunteering in the campground to help keep the area clean. Have a favorite beach? Volunteer to pick up trash there!

Rightline Gear cargo products are a must when hauling weeds, trash, branches, and more. Use a Cargo Bar to keep everything in one place in the back of your vehicle or Dry Bags to haul trash amongst other things!


It is time. Get out and set up that tent you’ve had stored all winter and enjoy the outdoors! Make sure your tent is ready for the season, and if you have issues please reach out to our customer service team! Remember our warranty on tents is 2 years.


Go for a walk in your favorite local park! This is an easy way to celebrate Earth Day. Try counting how many birds you see or take a moment to look at an interesting looking insect or plant.

Bring one of our Day Bag + V Seat bundles on your next walk with all your favorite snacks and maybe a Horizon Travel Blanket so you can stop and enjoy being outside!


Drive a little ways up the canyon or go to your favorite park where you can set up a hammock or blanket to experience the outdoors.

The perfect way to chill outside is in our Traverse Hammock. Pair with one of our Versa Blankets for extra comfort!


Find new ways to camp more responsibly. Look into reducing trash on your camp trips by finding reusable cutlery, feminine hygiene products, and water sources.

A great way to cut down on waste while camping is to avoid buying water bottles and store your water in a tank! WaterPORT tanks come in various sizes and are made of BPA free plastic, meaning you can store your drinking water in it AND use it for cleaning.


The easiest thing to recycle is glass! Set aside a bin if you haven’t already to collect any leftover glass so you can recycle it when it’s full.

Rightline Gear's Center Console Trash Bags can help you keep trash from piling up in your car and can be used as your take along trash bag on a hike or campout! Try using one for a separate recycling bag for any aluminum cans, plastic, and more.

What will you do this Earth Day? Share with us on social media by tagging #klymit and #sleepoutside!