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Klymit Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

Klymit Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

This Mother’s Day we want to help you say to your mom, “I sure love and appreciate you!”
Here are our top picks for Mother’s Day gifts:


Let’s start with our favorite sleeping pad that will make your mom say, “Wow! I love sleeping outdoors!” The Klymaloft has a specific I-beam design that keeps you in place while sleeping and a plush foam topper that is luxuriously comfortable.


She’ll stay cozy wherever she is with a Homestead Cabin Comforter. Use around the fire, for bed, or for cuddling, this is the perfect blanket for mom. Everyone will enjoy sharing this blanket that comes in a regular or queen size. Soft fleece lining the inside and water-resistant exterior, this is the ultimate camping blanket.


Does your mom just like to hang out? Give her a space to chill with one of our many hammock options! With our Traverse Hammocks, she can have a double or single wide option giving her room to cuddle with the fam or by herself! Our Navigator Series Hammocks come in various colors and are for a single person, giving your mom room for some alone time.


Your mom will easily drift to sleep with this ultra-comfy pillow. The Drift Pillow has the versatility of a durable, water-resistant outer shell and a comfortable, jersey cotton inner pillowcase. This multi-tasking pillow will be your mom’s new favorite travel companion!


The Switchback Chair is a luxury your mom will want after a long day. With 3 settings for reclining, your mom will feel as relaxed as she would at the spa. The Switchback Chair has 2 side pockets and a cup holder that swivels out from under the chair to hold all snacks, phones, and drinks!


A light for the light of your family’s life: the Everglow Light Tube. This light tube duals as a light bar when inflated or a lantern while in its stuff sack. Your mom can always lead the way with this light option, keeping your family out of the dark!


Take a step in the right direction by getting your mom a Moki Step. This is the perfect tool to help anyone reach the top of a vehicle with ease. So, when you’re on a vacation or traveling with a load on top of your car, the Moki step will be the first thing your mom will reach for!


Do you have one of those super supportive moms who is always at your sporting events? We have the perfect way to thank you to her. Check out Rightline Gear’s SUV Tailgating Canopy for your mom to have all the shade and protection needed for being outside, right on the back of her car!

We appreciate all of you moms supporting your families by getting outdoors and all the other things that you do. Happy Mother’s Day!