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Name: Matt Maxfield 

Position: VP of Development and Operations   


Choosing a favorite trip or hike is hard because honestly, it is whatever trip or hike I am on at that time! I love the Utah landscape from the deserts of southern Utah to the tallest mountain peaks in Utah.

Where: King’s Peak, Utah via Henrys Fork Trailhead

Length and difficulty: Moderate to Difficult, 27 miles minimum round trip but can add day hikes from a base camp.

Best time:  July or August 

Brief summary: It is a popular trail and you will certainly see many groups on the trail and camping. The trail starts at Henrys Fork trailhead at 9,400 ft and is a pretty hike from there to the portion of lakes below gunsight pass. Dollar Lake is the lake most camp at so I prefer to hike further and loop over to Henrys Fork Lake and camp there. It is quieter and a prettier place to camp. We like to break this up by hiking to the lake on day 1, day 2 summit and back to camp, day 3 hike out. This way you can explore the other nearby lakes, passes, and enjoy the mountain air. Summiting the tallest peak in Utah is fun and amazing on a clear summer day for the views you get. We took our scout group on this and it was an incredible experience for all and stretching for this solid group of youth.

What to bring: 
Can be done as a long day hike but I prefer doing over a few days backpacking and enjoying the high Utah mountains.

Klymit Gear Recommendations:
• Maxfield 2
• Luxe Pillow
• KSB 20 Large
• Static V Luxe SL
• Motion 60 Backpack
• Bonus: I took an LWD for lounging on the lakes and it was well worth the extra weight! I was the talk of the camps and everyone was jealous.


I love my job and have the unique responsibility and opportunity that no product is launched without me personally using it and abusing it. 

Static V Luxe SL

Top features: Thick, wide, and light!

Best for: : Backpacking & Car Camping


I believe that an experience outdoors is enhanced by the presence of great food. I take food very seriously when I adventure. My favorite camp meals are with great friends and family. I am also very particular with my cook gear and love dutch oven cooking and flat top grill cooking. 

Recipe: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches 

• Steak- I prefer the Philly steak pucks from local meat shop
• Onions
• Peppers
• Salt & pepper
• Cheese (wiz if you are authentic, but do what you love, I like pepper jack)
• Bun

Recipe: Start by preparing your onions and peppers by slicing them, then cook the sliced onions and peppers until the peppers start to brown. Once browned, move the onions and peppers off to the side. Next, it’s time to cook the meat. Add some salt and pepper then mix in the peppers and onions. Once the meat is cooked, place the cheese over the top and cover with a lid to help the steam melt the cheese. Lastly, warm the bread, put everything together, and enjoy!