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meet caroline, klymit employee spotlight
meet caroline, klymit employee spotlight

Alyssa Brown

Position:  Customer Service

Klymit Sleep Outside series - Caroline favorite trip to blue lake and Rockville/Mesa Trailhead

Where:  Lake Blanche Trail

Length + Difficulty (Hike or backpacking trip):  
Hard, 6.8 miles

Best time:  

Brief Summary: The beginning is somewhat steep, but there are so many fun things to see like creeks, meadows, and if you’re lucky in the spring, you’ll get a good view of the water run-off from snow coming down the mountains like a waterfall! Lots of scrambling towards the top over shale, but you’ll see quite a bit of red rock contrasted with large trees, the mountain top, and of course, Lake Blanche itself.

What to bring:  Good hiking shoes! Don’t want to get blisters on this one.

Any Klymit Gear Recommendations: Motion 60 Backpack in case you want to spend the night for a backpacking trip!

Klymit KLymaloft Sleeping Pad

 Mystic 20L Hydration Pack

Top three features:  Has all the pockets to hold the 20L water bladder, a big pocket that gives extra space for cameras, a jacket, snacks, and more water ;), and a small pocket for personal items like wallet/keys. Also has sternum and waist straps to help lug around all that water for day hikes and beyond!

Best for:  Day hikes, day long events

Deconstructed Spring roll camp recipe

Name:  Any sort of breakfast hash!

Ingredients:  Potatoes, bell peppers, onions, breakfast meat of choice, eggs, cheese, and all the spices

Recipe:  Cook all ingredients separately then serve together on a plate or in a flour tortilla to make a breakfast hash burrito! Other option: cook in a dutch oven.