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meet caroline, klymit employee spotlight

  Caroline Fishel

Position:Sales Operations 

Klymit Sleep Outside series - Caroline favorite trip to blue lake and Rockville/Mesa Trailhead

Hike: Blue Lake 

Summary: We took my husband's son and nephew for an overnight camp trip to try out their new Klymit sleeping bags and sleeping pads. They slept in the annex part of our roof top tent as it functions as a ground tent. We used our Klymaloft Doubleinside our roof top tent.

Best time: September

What to bring: sleeping pads, bags, tent or roof top tent, chairs, bug repellent

Klymit Gear Recommendations:  Versa Blanket

Hike: Rockville/ Mesa Trailhead 

Summary: We love getting out to southern Utah before it gets too hot to go. We stayed in our roof top tent and wish we had the Klmyaloft on that trip!

Best time: Late Spring

What to bring: Sleeping pad, bag, tent or roof top tent, chairs, camera for the amazing views of Zion National Park

Klymit Gear Recommendations:  Klymaloft Double 

Klymit KLymaloft Sleeping Pad


Top three features: 
1. Memory Foam doesn’t go hard in the cold
2. Soft Sleeping
3. doesn’t go flat in the night

Best for: Using in a ground tent or roof top tent

Deconstructed Spring roll camp recipe

Name: Deconstructed Spring Roll

Ground Turkey
Package of favorite salad kit
Shredded carrots

Season Ground Turkey
Cook ground turkey until browned
Add package of favorite salad kit and shredded carrots
Cook until lettuce/cabbage is softened
Add sauce packet, top with toppings from salad kit.