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Name: Cory Tholl 

Position: President     


Where:Lake Powell, Paige, AZ 

Length + Difficulty: 7 day trip is the best but 4 days works also. Multiple moderate to steep hikes are available. There are options on all adventure levels from easy hikes to more technical terrain.

Best time: Early June or later September

Brief Summary: Launch from Paige, AZ and take an hour boat trip and setup camp on the shores near cookie jar area (i.e. padre bay). There are some fun day hikes on the red rocks that give you a majestic view of the lake. If you’re lucky you’ll come across some goats also. Another hour or two boat ride will get you the ‘hole in the rock’. This is a steep climb with some awesome pioneer history. The hike/climb will take a couple of hours. No need for any rope but some good shoes are recommended. You can’t beat the views or the refreshing dip in the lake at the end of the hike. You’ll have to swim from your boat to the shore as there is no place to dock a boat. Another side adventure is the rainbow bridge hike which is a casual short stroll doable for anyone. This hike does have a dock and will likely be more crowded than ‘hole in the rock’. There is a stunning view of one of the world’s largest natural rock bridge.

What to bring: A couple of changes of swimming suit, a few t-shirts, a lot of ice and drinks, some good food, plenty of gas, and good sleeping gear and you’re set. A Drift pillow is a must for sleeping at night and for lounging on the boat. If you have a houseboat, a Lay Flat Hammock or Sky Bivy will keep you swaying on top hopefully with a cool breeze to keep you comfortable. If no houseboat, no need for a hammock because there are no trees. A double hammock can also be setup on your ski boat tower for a nice relaxing break after a hard ski. My wife and I love our KSB Double sleeping bag because it unzips and feels like a comforter and provides the perfect adjustment for cooler or warmer nights. If you’re on a houseboat with abundant space I recommend the Klymaloft sleeping pad. If space is a premium and you’re sleeping on the beach, I’d go with the Static V Luxe or Double V. The LWD is a nice side note if you don’t have standup paddle boards, but I’d recommend bringing some paddle boards. The Roamer Tarp or Traverse Shelter is nice to have for those really hot days when you need some shade.


Gear: Drift Pillow

Top three features: It’s so versatile that I can use it throughout the day and night. Really comfortable. No need to fear the water or sand because it is easy to switch from travel to comfort mode.

Best for: Boat lounging or sleeping at night. 


Favorite Camp Recipe: Campfire Cone 

Recipe:Layer desired waffle cones with toppings and wrap in foil. Toss in the campfire coals for 5-7 minutes or until everything is nice and melted. They can also be baked in the oven at 400 degrees for 5-7 minutes. Can be assembled ahead of time for a fun treat.

waffle cones
mini marshmallows
chocolate chips
graham cracker pieces
Optional toppings: M&Ms, Rolos, peanut butter cups, bananas, strawberries, coconut, brown sugar, butterscotch chips, nuts, anything your imagination can come up with

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