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Name: Deb Brzozowski

Position: Customer Service Manager


Where: Sentry Trail Loop, Antelope Island, UT

Length + Difficulty: : 6.7 miles, 3-4 hours, 940 ft elevation gain

Best time: Late winter when there is still snow pack, or early summer

Brief Summary:

This trail is located 11 miles south of the main visitor center, near the Fielding Garr Ranch. The trailhead is marked and has parking. Before starting check in at the ranch or visitor center to receive a permit for the trail. There are restrooms, but no water at the ranch.

Off trail travel and dogs are not allowed on this trail.

The trail gains elevation quickly from the trailhead, and levels out to a beautiful viewing area at the top about 2.5 miles in. Along the way you will pass boulders and other points of interest and may see bison herds in the distance.

At the top, enjoy expansive views of the Great Salt Lake and level trail. Follow the trail to loop around and reconnect with the trail up for the return trip.

The trail can be windy at the top, but there is a picnic table to stop at and have a snack during nice weather.


Gear: Static V Luxe SL

Top three features: Long length for tall campers, wider than regular sized pad so your arms can stay comfy on the pad, lightweight enough for backpacking, luxury features without too much splurge in weight carried.

Best for: Short backpacking trips, tent camping, car camping. 


Raspberry Chocolate Chip Dutch Oven Cobbler


1 Box chocolate cake mix

3 eggs

1/3 c. vegetable oil

2/3 cup sprite soda

Chocolate chips

Frozen raspberries

Fresh raspberries and whipped cream for garnish

The best thing about this desert is how easy it is to assemble. You can estimate the measurements if needed and it will still turn out delicious.

Get your fire ready and let it burn down to coals, or use briquettes to save time.

Line your dutch oven with heavy duty foil for easy clean up and serving.

Combine cake mix, chocolate chips, and wet ingredients in a bowl. Stir until the consistency of cake batter and there are no lumps.

Spread the frozen raspberries on the bottom of prepared dutch oven. Pour cake mix over top. Cover and put on coals. Place some coals on the dutch oven lid for even baking. Recipe takes approximately 40 min to cook. Check halfway to ensure that your coals are hot enough estimate doneness.

Remove from coals when done and garnish with fresh berries and whipped cream before serving. 

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