Parker Hancey

Position:Costco Roadshow Specialist


Hike: Deuel Creek Trail

Length/Difficulty: Hike is about 4.5 miles one-way, then 4.5 back. Trail is mostly mild, but with moderately difficult parts near the end. No designated camping, but there is a fire pit or two along the trail.

Best Time:
 During spring, I recommend starting no later than 9 in the morning. In the fall, 10 AM is probably a better time.

Summary: A well-shaded hike along a swift river, with various waterfalls. At one point on the trail is a rope swing, great for playing with friends and/or family. Breathtakingly beautiful hike, great during spring, summer, or fall.  

What to bring: Bring boots or shoes with good grip. Also bring a spare set of socks; socks may get wet.

Klymit Gear Recommendation:
 Klymit Day Bag & V Seat

Favorite piece of Klymit Gear:
Drift Pillow 

Top three features: Awesome sleep for a low price, reversible cover for both comfort and durability, surprisingly easy to take on the go

Best for: Drive-in campsites


Favorite camp recipe: Campfire Baked Potato 

Russet Potato
Green Onion, chopped (scallions also work)
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
Butter (at least 1 tbsp per potato)
Cheese, shredded (about 1/4 cup per potato)
Sour cream (1 tbsp, optional)
Aluminum Foil

Light campfire, wait for hot coals
Poke the side of the potato several times with a fork, enough to expose the potato’s insides
Sprinkle small amount of salt in potato, spread butter inside
Wrap potato in 2 layers aluminum foil, place upright on coals, partially cover wrapped potato with more coals
Bake 30-45 minutes (cook time depends on amount of coals & heat of coals)
Uncover and unwrap potato, but do not discard foil
Add shredded cheese to potato, re-wrap potato (may need another sheet of foil,) set potato on side, on top of coals
Wait 2-3 minutes
Remove from coals, open foil
Add onions, salt, pepper, and sour cream, all to taste

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