Versa Luxe Blanket™

$33.00 $129.99

Everything you love about the award-winning Versa Blanket, now with a technical high-loft fleece inside. The blanket stores easily in the foot box, engineered for a perfect versatile pillow. Wrap up your day's adventure by enveloping yourself in the Versa Luxe Blanket's embrace, or share the warmth with a companion, creating a cozy haven whether you're fireside, stargazing, or simply finding solace in the serenity of the outdoors.


  • Klymalite synthetic loft insulation
  • Stores easily in footbox, creating the perfect travel pillow
  • Corner strap, shoulder wrap and footbox create the ideal warm weather sleep system

Dimensions: 80 x 58 in / 203 x 147 cm
Weight: 3.2 lbs / 1.45 kg
Top Material: 100% Polyester Ripstop
Bottom Material: High Loft Fleece