SKU: GL1250

WaterPORT® 2.0 Gallon Water Tank

$101.49 $144.99

Good Housekeeping 2024 Best Family Travel Award Winner

The WaterPORT 2.0 Gallon Water Tank, previously the GoSpout, offers two gallons of easily pressurizable water with its built-in Pump Cap.

Ideal for any outdoor activity, this portable container is great for washing hands and cleaning equipment, thanks to its built-in nozzle holder and versatile 5-pattern high-pressure nozzle. Easily spray down dirty feet or equipment anywhere with the high-quality, affordable WaterPORT 2.0 Gallon Water Tank.

Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 11 in / 36 x 23 x 28 cm
Weight: 5 lbs / 2.3 kg (empty)