Klymit’s compact sleeping bags are designed to optimize your comfort for any camping adventure. With options ranging from backpacking sleeping bags to car camping sleeping bags, you'll have everything you need for any camping adventure.


Our Wild Aspen sleeping bags feature synthetic insulation for an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. Each sleeping bag is made of lightweight and durable micro polyester and the shell is water and abrasion resistant. The inner liner of our Wild Aspen sleeping bags is designed to retain warmth. These bags come in multiple sizes and shapes to fit your body and camping needs.

Our Wild Aspen sleeping bags are best for beginner campers looking for lightweight adventures, making them the best lightweight sleeping bag for backpacking, or for those looking to maximize roominess for car camping. Check out the different sizes and shapes for our Wild Aspen sleeping bags for the best type of camp out.



Our KSB (Klymit Sleeping Bag) collection includes our hybrid fill sleeping bags. Each bag has 80% down fill with 650 fill power and 20% synthetic fill, optimizing the warmth to weight ratio. With the hybrid fill, these bags pack down more compactly and are lighter in weight compared to our synthetic bags. Each of the single sized KSB bags have Length Lock technology, meaning you can create a comfortable cocoon around your feet no matter your height. The KSB sleeping bags are the epitome of comfort.

KSB bags are best for those looking to reduce weight on camping trips and who don’t want to compromise on their warmth-to-weight ratio. Find the perfect light sleeping bag with the right sleeping bag temperature ratings for your backpacking adventures with the KSB.


Our synthetic fill sleeping bags keep you warm with a pillowy synthetic fill. These bags include stretch baffles so that you can stay comfortable in any position, sitting or lying down. These bags range in temperature and are all made from water resistant material.

The Klymit synthetic sleeping bags will keep you warm and dry in a range of temperatures and colors.


Depending on what kind of adventure you are planning for and what temperature you’ll be in, we have an option for you! See our suggestions ranging from car camping to lightweight adventures and 0 to 35 degrees.

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