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We hope that sharing our favorite places to sleep outside can help to inspire your next adventure once life starts to go back to normal again.  We're all looking forward to future nights under the stars. Where do you love to Sleep Outside? 

AJ CUTLER, Sales Operations Specialist 
FAVORITE PLACE: Off Highway 191, Utah   

"My favorite place to escape for the weekend is Southern Utah. Outside the town of Moab has so many great places to set up camp. I can head down on Friday after work, easily pull off the main road, set up camp, drift off to sleep, and then wake up to glowing panoramic views of red rock. From there, I’m at the perfect hub for mountain biking, climbing, rappelling, hiking, and more. My go-to spot is Willow Springs Road just off Highway 191. If headed further south, this area can be a great pitstop for a night. Remember to bring your national parks pass and to leave no trace!!"

BRIAN KOONS, E-Commerce Director 
FAVORITE PLACE: Ludington, Michigan 

"An escape that still feels like home - with Lake Michigan as the backdrop. Days are filled with sunshine, boating, fishing, and bike rides. Nights with long walks, stars, and a peaceful breeze. Add in family and good friends, and there’s no place I’d rather be."