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Getting Your Spring Camping Gear Ready

Getting Your Spring Camping Gear Ready

March 20th is officially the first day of spring! We all know what this means: spring cleaning. Woo! While you’re at it, get that spring camping gear out to dust off. We’ve got some tips and tricks to make sure your gear is all ready for any adventure this season takes you on.

We have a lot of great resources on our FAQ page to help you know how to take care of your gear, but here are a few reminders for maintaining your sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and more!


For any of your inflatable Klymit products, we suggest:

Mix 2 cups of warm water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and wipe down with a washcloth. Rinse well. DO NOT use any detergents, even natural detergents. DO NOT put them in a washing machine or dryer.

To dry a sleeping pad, wipe it down with a dry rag and lay it flat in a well-ventilated room.

Make sure the pad and stuff sack are both completely dry and that the valve is open before storing.  

To wash your Klymit sleeping bags:

We recommend washing your bag in a front-loading washer. Never use an agitator-style machine as the motion can damage the stitching. Make sure to wash your sleeping bag on the gentle cycle in cool water with a down-specific soap/gentle detergent.

To dry your sleeping bag, set your dryer on the no heat setting and check often. If it is too hot, you will run the risk of melting the fabric on your sleeping bag. The fluff or tumble setting without heat is the safest way to dry your bag. When the bag is nearly dry, add two or three clean tennis balls or a pair of clean sneakers to the dryer. This will help break up any clumps in the bag and will help to restore the loft. Make sure your bag is thoroughly dry before placing it in its storage bag.

Cleaning your Klymit blankets:

To wash your Versa or Versa Luxe blanket, wash on a gentle cycle in a non-agitator style washing machine with your regular laundry detergent, but no bleach. Then, tumble dry on low heat.


While cleaning your gear, make sure you check for any tears, leaks, or holes so that you can make necessary repairs. If your gear is within warranty and needs to be repaired or replaced, we are happy to help! See our warranty policy here to make sure you are within warranty. Please make sure your gear is all ready to go well before your trips. This will ensure that if you do need to submit a warranty claim, we will have time to make any repairs if possible before your adventure begins!

Testing inflatable products for leaks:

To find a leak, submerge your inflated pad in water until bubbles ascend from somewhere on the pad. The bubbles indicate where the leak is coming from. You can also use a spray bottle with soapy water to spray the pad. These air leaks will produce additional bubbles which indicate air is escaping.


If you decide to use the patch kit to repair the pad, make sure the damaged surface is clean, before applying the adhesive patches. Please wait at least 6 hours for it to cure before inflating the pad again. For pinhole leaks, we suggest using any gel superglue to repair the leak. Need some repair supplies? Purchase a patch kit here!


Sleeping pads and most inflatable products (such as pillows and our Lite Water Dinghy*) have a limited lifetime warranty. This means if your gear has any manufacturing defects at any time during the product’s lifetime, you are welcome to submit a warranty claim.

*More information about products covered by our limited lifetime warranty can be found by clicking here.

Our sleeping bags, blankets, Everglow Light Tubes, and other accessories have a 2-year limited warranty (see more information by clicking here). 

If your sleeping bag is past the 2-year warranty and you are experiencing issues, we suggest reaching out to a local seamstress to help with any repairs.  

Keeping your gear clean and stored properly throughout each season will help keep it in the best condition possible, and it will last longer too!
If you have any questions, as always, reach out to our friendly support team at!