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The core of the camping gear set-up includes a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag, and a tent. Whether you are just starting out or whether you just like to stick to the basics, these three items help you get into a good position to start sleeping outside.

However, there are some great options to amp up your camping equipment, and accessories are a perfect place to start. It can be an add-on for the three basic sleeping essentials, or it can be a product that solves a completely different problem while camping outside.

So let’s take a look at some great camping accessories to add to your gear bag.


This is the perfect complement to your sleeping pad.

The V Sheet is just like a fitted sheet on your bed. It protects your pad from dirt and sweat, which is much needed after a long day of playing outside. Instead of having to wash the whole air mattress every so often, you end up just having to wash the pad cover once you get home.

Unlike your fitted sheet at home, the V Sheet offers a pillow pocket. It’s perfect for holding your X pillow in place instead of slipping around on the sleeping pad material all night long.

Camping accessory functions: pad protector, softer material, pillow pocket


The compression sack is great for over-packers. It’s the best way to really squish down that sleeping bag so it can make room for other needed items.

But the compression sack isn’t just reserved for your camping equipment essentials. Multiple compressions sacks can aid in compressing shirts, shorts, hats, etc. While it’s not going to do anything crazy like an air vacuumed plastic bag, it will definitely make room for some extra granola bars and trail mix.

Camping accessory functions: sleeping bag compression, clothing compression


A tarp is high on the list, especially when it comes to cowboy camping without a tent or tent camping on any sort of vegetation. It helps keep out moisture, so your next day isn’t damp.

While Klymit makes additional footprint tarps specifically to fit each tent, the roamer tarp is a great overall tarp that can be used in multiple ways on your camping trip. The possibilities are endless. Use it as a covering over your truck bed. Or a shade over your hammock with the help of some paracord. It can be used as a rope tarp for rock climbing. Or a picnic blanket. Or a beach blanket.

Probably the best thing about the Roamer tarp is that it packs up small to fit perfectly in your gear bag or day pack, or with your tent.

Camping accessory functions: tent footprint, shade, picnic/beach blanket, rope tarp, truck bed covering


Sometimes the last thing you want to do when coming into your campsite after a long day of hiking, biking, climbing, driving, etc. is blowing up your pad by mouth. While Klymit makes it easy to fill up your sleeping pad with 20 or so breaths, it still can, well, take the breath out of you.

So that’s where pumps come in handy.

Quickly fill up your sleeping pad with the rechargeable electric pump. Plus, it comes with adapters for all the sleeping pad valves we offer, not only can you fill up your pad, but you can also be the savior for the rest of your camp squad. After the charge runs out, it easily plugs back into a car charging USB port or outlet USB cube to be ready to go for the next time.

If you want a non-electric option, Rapid Air Pumps are the best pick. Made specifically for your pad's certain valve, you are able to attach the pump to your pad, and manually roll the air down into your sleeping air mattress to get the maximum amount of air in one go. They also pack down to smaller than your fist to make it a great option for backpackers and space-conscious car campers alike.

Camping accessory functions: electric pumping, manually pumping, alleviates blowing up by mouth


Seats are not always necessary, but are a fantastic accessory. Especially after a long day of being on your feet. The Cush Seat is a cushion that packs small, so you can have a comfier seat on anything from park benches to camp chairs to sandy beaches. On another note, it can be a backpacker’s delight by being multi-use. Simply fold in half to be an air pillow. Or adjust the pressure for a custom seat.

You can even use it when not on camping adventures, such as while sitting on stadium bleachers or in work chairs if just the camping purposes don’t suffice.

And if you need one more reason to love the Cush seat, these products are made with leftover fabric to get the most out of our materials. Sustainable and comfy.

Camping accessory functions: camp seat, camp pillow


Perhaps the most underrated camp accessory. Patch kits are great to have on hand. Something as simple as extra fabric and glue can be a huge help when your pad gets torn from one too many nights sleeping on hard rocks or thorny bushes. While we should make an effort to protect our pad from small punctures (see Roamer Tarp and V Sheet), the patch kit can save the day in a pinch. Keep on hand in your stuff sacks and gear bags.

Camping accessory functions: sleeping pad patch