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Here at Klymit, we are passionate about creating a community of inclusive and spirited outdoor enthusiasts. This year, we are partnering with several campers, hikers, bikers, photographers, and other outdoors people to share their stories surrounding the outdoor space. 

Let's take a look at our first highlight: 


Viktoria Haack


British Columbia, Canada


Originally from the UK but now based in BC, Canada. Professional photographer covering multiple genres including landscape & nature, lifestyle, weddings & elopements.

What’s your favorite style of camping?

Love all forms of camping - particularly love getting into the backcountry for photography assignments but van life is a big favourite too; especially when travelling with my dog Jack. 

Favorite outdoors memory

The multiple backcountry sunrises I’ve witnessed. Nothing like silently waiting for the sun to rise on the shores of a deserted lake high in the mountains. 

Who’s your favorite person to spend time outside with? 

Can I say my dog Jack? :) 

Sunrise or sunset? 

Sunrise - I love the calm and quiet at the start of the day. 

Mountains or ocean? 


Favorite food


Favorite hobbies


Dream trip location


Favorite book or podcast: 

Talking with Bears.
Conversations with Charlie Russell by GA Bradshaw

Favorite piece of Klymit gear? Why? 

My new favourite - the Big Cottonwood -20 sleeping bag. Absolutely loved this for sub zero van adventures. So warm and so roomy and comfortable!