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At Klymit, we are passionate about creating a community of inclusive and spirited outdoor enthusiasts. This year, we are partnering with several campers, hikers, bikers, photographers, and other outdoors people to share their stories surrounding the outdoor space. 


Ann-Marie Brissett-Laverty


Toronto, Ontario Canada


A girl in her nylon mansion, who is encouraging everyone to take up space. Representation in the outdoors will always be my top priority, while educating outdoor enthusiasts of all backgrounds and levels to create safe spaces so they can flourish and take hold of every opportunity possible. 

What’s your favorite style of camping?

Whenever I have an opportunity to sleep outside, it becomes a favourite style of camping; however, backpacking has a special type of sparkle. Adventuring deep into the forest with just your necessities on your back, really puts things into perspective. 

Favorite outdoors memory

On my wedding day I got to run on top of mountains, and stand in the middle of a glacier fed lakebed in our wedding attire. It was pretty incredible to do, even more incredible that the lake filled up later that week. The timing could not have been more perfect for it all!

What's something that you should never forget on an outdoor adventure? 

To stay hydrated!!! …yes, even during Winter adventures! Those leg cramps will get you!

Sunrise or sunset? 

Sunrise. The quiet time is priceless. Watching Mother Nature wake up is a view and a feeling that is just rejuvenating. 

Mountains or ocean? 

Mountains, with all of their glory! Their ability to make you feel so tiny in comparison to the world around us is absolutely breathtaking. 

Favorite food

A rotation of Pizza and Birthday Cake

Favorite hobbies

Powerlifting, Ice Fishing, Roller-skating and taking care of my plant babies. 

Dream trip location

Any place I have never visited before is a dream trip location… However, give me mountains ANYWHERE and my heart is full. 

Favorite book or podcast: 

Neither! I am a reality TV junkie! Haha!

Favorite piece of Klymit gear? Why? 

KSB 0 Sleeping Bag paired with the Luxe Camping Pillow. If you like clouds, always wondered what sleeping on one would be like… look no further. This is luxury. 

Instagram: its_ann_calling
YouTube: Unplugged Adventuring