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At Klymit, we are passionate about creating a community of inclusive and spirited outdoor enthusiasts. This year, we are partnering with several campers, hikers, bikers, photographers, and other outdoors people to share their stories surrounding the outdoor space. 


Ross and Lauren Bernards


Eagle, Colorado


Ross is from Oregon and Lauren is from North Carolina. They met in the middle in Colorado five and a half years ago. In that time they’ve shared a lot of time adventuring, from weekend camping trips to living in a van and traveling the country, living in a yurt on the banks of the Colorado River, and just about everything in between. They got married on the top of a mountain outside of Vail Colorado last September. They are constantly working to find the balance between work (Ross has his own photography business and Lauren works a 9 to 5) and checking things off their ever growing bucket list. 

How did you two meet?

We met at Trivia Night that Ross hosts in Avon, Colorado at a local bar. 

What’s your favorite style of camping?

Van Life, having lived out of our van in 2018 (living out of not living in a van), we both fell in love with the simple lifestyle. Everything we needed was always right there within arms reach. If it wasn’t there, we didn’t need it. Not to mention you’re always on an adventure! All you have to do is point the wheels in that direction.

Favorite outdoors memory

Lauren’s is when Ross took her out to the desert for the first time and showed her what offroading was all about. Ross’s is a night spent with their dog Missy on Lake Macdonald where Missy wouldn't let them leave until SHE was done playing fetch in the Lake.

Tips for couples camping: 

Share the load, work together to set up camp. GET A KLYMALOFT DOUBLE PAD! It is worth it and a total game changer. Make sure to just take time to sit and be together.

What's something that you should never forget on an outdoor adventure? 

Headlamp (with batteries), Ross forgets his on most trips… Thankfully Lauren is willing to share. 

Sunrise or sunset? 

Sunrise, they set the tone for the day and there are always less people around.

Mountains or ocean? 


Favorite food

Camp Chili, get yourself a dutch oven and don’t forget the corn bread. 

Favorite hobbies

Canyoneering, taking pictures together, hiking, pack rafting.

Dream trip location

Not so much a location as a trip, Start traveling East until we’ve made it back to the starting point. 

Favorite book or podcast: 

Podcasts: Radiolab, Serial, The Photographers Mindset, How did This Get Made, The Visual Revolutionary Books: The Monkey Wrench Gang, The Alchemist, Harry Potter, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Post American World

Favorite piece of Klymit gear? Why? 

The Klymaloft series. We use the double pad anytime we go car camping. Ross literally keeps a single pad in his car at all times. They are perfect for any sleeper, side (Lauren) or back (Ross). It’s like having an actual mattress while out camping. @rossbernards both IG and Twitter @lauren.left.home