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Camping to Connect Participant in a klymit camping tent


The outdoors holds a special place in our hearts, and Klymit is proud to support and sponsor outdoor-minded nonprofits that help get people outside. 

One of the programs that we are excited to highlight is Camping to Connect, which is a program of the nonprofit, Young Masterminds Initiative (YMI). 

Camping to Connect is a BIPOC-led mentorship program for young men of color that fosters leadership, brotherhood, and inclusion in the outdoors. 

Camping to Connect participant wearing Klymit hat and klymit Gear Duffel

Through day hikes and overnight trips, Camping to Connect teaches camping and survival skills, as well as other important life values, such as cooperation, camaraderie, and accomplishment. The young men get out of their comfort zones and learn outdoor knowledge, like trail navigation and the leave no trace principles. 

The Camping to Connect program is the first encounter that the majority of the participants have with the outdoor and camping space, which leads to transformative experiences which they will remember for a lifetime.

To learn more and support the work they're doing, follow @CampingtoConnect on Instagram and check out their website for more information on enrolling or donating (A donation of $25 could provide a full weekend of food for one participant!). 

YMI, in addition to the Camping to Connect camping trips and day hikes, also consists of career panels for youth, workshops on topics like mental health, etc.

Thanks so much to programs like Camping to Connect for transforming individuals through the power of nature and community.