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Top Hiking Spots Near Klymit HQ

Klymit headquarters are located in Kaysville, Utah, and is just about 35 minutes away from the state’s capitol, Salt Lake City. Within this radius, many hiking trails can be found, even within the city! Let’s look at some hikes close to Klymit headquarters.

Easy Rated Trails

Ensign Peak

Located in Salt Lake City, this trail starts in a residential area above the capitol building. The obviously marked trailhead leads to a dirt trail that is 0.8 miles out and back. This hike is not shaded, and should definitely be attempted in a cooler hour of the day!

At the top of the trail, a monument to the overlook is located in a fenced area. Here you can sit and enjoy the views of the Salt Lake Valley, ranging from the Great Salt Lake, Capitol building, and the LDS temple.

Pro Tip: Try this hike in the evening, you’ll see great views of the city lights.

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Memory Grove Park Trail

This trail can be found in Memory Grove Park close to the state’s capitol building. To get the trail a little walk through the park will be necessary, but don’t worry, there are things to see here! Stop by some historical buildings and read about our city before hitting the trail.

Heavily trafficked with humans and doggos, just know you will run into some friendly faces! This trail is a 1.7 mile loop surrounded by trees and a creek, making for a pleasant and rejuvenating experience.

Pro Tip: If you enjoy cycling, this trail has a road option for bikers.

Moderate Rated Trails

Living Room Trail

Just behind the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City, the Living Room Lookout Trail is a little longer at 2.4 miles out and back. Being a little steep with no tree coverage, you’ll want to make sure you have water on this one!

At the top you’ll find rock arrangements giving a “living room” like feel. Take a seat on one of these rocks, and take in the view of Salt Lake City! Dogs are welcome, on leash.

Pro Tip: Look for other “living room” areas along the trail!

Adams Canyon Trail

Located in Kaysville, this trail is just outside of Salt Lake City. A 3.8 mile out and back hike that has a beautiful waterfall view at the end, and will get your heart rate up. With dogs also welcome on this trail, you are sure to see others with their furry friends.

This trail is open year round and can have fairly wet seasons, especially with melting snow, that will make the trail muddy in some spots. Make sure to check weather and hiking apps to best prepare.

Pro Tip: Bring a friend!

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Moderate/Difficult Rated Trails

Bell Canyon Trail to Lower Falls

A little south of Salt Lake you’ll find a hike 4.6 mile out and back near Sandy, Utah. You’ll see a local reservoir, a small river covered by trees, and hear bird songs along your way. Once you reach the lower falls of Bell Canyon, you’ll get sprayed with some cool mountain water, while you look the other way to see a view of the valley below.

This hike can take a while, especially with beautiful sites to see along the way. Bring your camera and some good snacks for this one! No dogs allowed, unfortunately.

Pro Tip: Try this hike in early summer, the falls are bigger with more snow melt!

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Dog Lake and Desolation Lake

Up Big Cottonwood canyon in Salt Lake City, you’ll find a trail that forks off to 2 different lakes, Dog Lake and Desolation Lake. Following the trail to Dog Lake, you’ll be able to hike around the first body of water and loop back to hike up to the second.

Hiking to both lakes is 8.6 miles, but you can hike to one lake or the other if you would like. Despite the name, no doggos allowed.

Pro Tip: If you want to try backpacking, this is a great trail!

Which trail will you try?

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