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Why Winter Camping Is Great

Steam rising from a warm drink in hand, smoke swirling from a crackling fire, all the while snow gently falls to the ground. You can almost hear the snowflakes touching the earth as they coat the ground. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see a small critter sorting through leaves leftover from fall, prepping itself for the cold months. These are just a few of the magical things you can experience on a winter camping trip.

Winter camping can be daunting; however, it is extremely rewarding for those who enjoy a challenge in nature.

Here are a few benefits of winter camping:


Few people dare to brave the outdoors in the winter, meaning fewer interruptions when you Sleep Outside. Experiencing nature alone in winter is like seeing the world through a fresh set of eyes. There are vast undisturbed open spaces untouched by other humans or animals, while also showing the footprints of where the other wildlife move in the area. 


There is a serenity that a snowy silent forest provides while you stand in its quiet embrace. This inspires one to be still and completely take in your surroundings, allowing moments in which we see and experience things unlike we ever have before. Animals we seldom see make themselves known as we settle softly into their element. There are also little to no bugs buzzing around to interrupt your outdoor experience. In the winter months, there is less of a wall between you and the quiet of nature. 


For those who can’t leave their house without a camera, this is the time of year for you to get into nature and see her in her frosty element. Experiencing the stillness of winter in the outdoors presents photo opportunities like no other. A bright bird in contrast with white snow, frozen dew on pine needles, and a clear starry night are a few examples of things that are unique at this time of year.

Among all the aspects of winter camping, the true allure is the challenge that it presents. Experiencing the solitude, silence, and snowy scenery that winter brings is all daunting in its own way. Surviving a successful winter camp also brings a sense of pride and a connection to our human nature. Will you brave the task?