This policy applies to all resellers, dealers, and distributors. Klymit supports the advertising and promotion of its products and commits significant resources to this effort.
The MAP policy provides the following guidelines:

1. The MSRP/MAP for all Klymit products shall be listed on the current Klymit price list provided to dealers and distributors. These prices are established by Klymit and may be adjusted by Klymit at its sole discretion. MAP prices are SKU specific.

2. This MAP Policy applies to all advertisements of Klymit products in any and all media, including; flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, mail order catalogs, internet, electronic media, TV, radio, websites, and public signage. The MAP policy does not apply to any physical in-store advertising that is not distributed to any customer.

3. MAP applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold for sale. Klymit dealers and distributors remain free to sell its products at any price they elect.

4. MAP does not establish maximum advertised prices. All dealers and distributors may offer Klymit products at any price in excess of the MAP established for the product.

5. Klymit supplies product for resale on 3rd party marketplaces only to those with prior written authorization to do so. Resellers who are authorized to resell on 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten.com, Newegg.com, etc., will be notified in advance by Klymit. Listing Klymit products on 3rd party marketplaces by a reseller that is not authorized to do so will result in an official MAP policy violation. These violations are subject to the MAP enforcement process outlined in SECTION 7 of this policy.

6. From time to time, Klymit may discontinue models or engage in promotions with respect to certain products. In such events, Klymit reserves the right to modify or suspend the MAP with respect to the effected products.

7. Failure to abide by this MAP policy will result in termination of dealership or distributorship. Violation warning process:

a. A notification of the violating advertisement is sent to the party responsible. Klymit expects that the violation be corrected within 24 hours of the notification.

b. If the violation is not corrected within the 24 hour period, the reseller’s account with Klymit is suspended for a period of time, not to be less than 30 days.

c. Any dealer, distributor, reseller of any kind that has more than one suspension of reseller privileges will lose its Klymit dealer or distributor status indefinitely.

d. A violation of this policy by another reseller does not authorize your company to violate this policy.

The terms of this MAP policy are confidential and should not be disclosed to other parties. This policy is unilaterally established by Klymit to help ensure the legacy of the company as a producer of high quality performance outdoor gear. This MAP policy is also to ensure dealers and distributors have incentive to invest resources into reselling Klymit products.

All questions about the MAP policy can be directed to your Klymit sales manager or VP of Sales.

Klymit encourages resellers to provide information of MAP violations to their Klymit sales manager.

Klymit will make the decisions and take the appropriate action to correct all MAP violations.