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There’s a reason that hiking is such a popular outdoor activity, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only option for people to easily get outside. We’ve put together a list of five simple ways to spend time outside this summer.


What’s better than food and the outdoors? Combining them! Picnics are a great way to soak up the warm sunshine and the fresh air. You can make them as simple as a peanut butter sandwich and a sliced apple or it can be as fancy as a full blown meat and cheese charcuterie board. Fun tip: have each person bring an item to share pot-luck style and enjoy a family-style outdoor dining experience.

Grab your Versa Blanket, a plate, and enjoy the simple joy of eating with an outside view.


Spending time outside but with a nighttime twist… Head to a grass or dirt opening with little light pollution and let your eyes adjust as the sun sets. Pick out constellations using apps or books, watch for shooting stars, track satellites, and see if you can spot the Milky Way. Stargazing can be a great activity after a long day of doing regular camping activities, or it can be a great escape from your normal day to day schedule.

And don’t forget to make it comfortable with a Versa Luxe Blanketand a Drift Pillow.


If you are looking for an outdoor activity that requires a little extra concentration and patience, fishing is a great way to connect with nature. Fishing does require a couple more barriers of entry such as fishing licenses and equipment, but after the initial investment, you are able to participate as often as you would like. Fishing offers a different way to explore the areas around your home, or it can take you to places you may have not thought about before. Optimal times for fishing are in the morning and evening.


Want to get a little more creative? Painting and drawing outside can be incredibly therapeutic. Your inspiration is endless in nature. Paint landscapes. Draw plants. Interpret the environment abstractly. There’s no wrong way to use your creative imagination.


Hammocking has grown in popularity in the past couple years, and for good reason. You get the benefits of spending time outside, while still being able to relax and recharge from the safety of your own cocoon. Bring a book, some friends, and some snacks to have a fun and relaxing hammocking experience.

Klymit has a number of hammock options including our Traverse Single and Traverse Double hammocks.