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What are sleeping bag liners?
Sleeping bag liners are an extra layer of comfort for your sleep experience, and they increase the cleanliness of your sleeping bag. Liners come in a variety of fabrics, from cooling bamboo, to soft-touch fabric, to warm microfleece for different temperatures and use cases. Instead of exposing your sleeping bag to unnecessary wear from washing it often, you can stay fresh and clean by washing your liner more frequently. Sleeping bag liners are often used inside a sleeping bag, but they can also be used alone on hot camp nights, or even can be used on a normal mattress while sleeping in hotels, hostels, and motels.

What is the difference between Klymit V Sheets and Liners?
Klymit V Sheets protect your sleeping pad from dirt and grime. They also make your sleeping pad a little cozier by having a softer material on your pad if you choose to ditch the sleeping bag during summer nights. Sleeping bag liners increase the cleanliness of your sleeping bag. Liners can also be used without a sleeping bag as a lightweight sleep system.

What are the benefits of sleeping bag liners?
Cleaner sleep experience
Added warmth
Lighter sleeping covering option
Softer fabric

How much weight do they add to your camping set up?
Depending on the type of fabric and size, sleeping bag liners can add anywhere from 9.6 oz to 40 oz to your sleep system. 

What types of sleeping bag liners are there?
The main categories of sleeping bag liners can be divided into three categories: regular, hot weather, and cold weather.

Standard sleeping bag liners are made of simple, but comfortable materials like ultra- brushed soft-touch fabric. They are a great option for any camper that wants to start using a liner.

Hot Weather
Hot weather sleeping bag liners are often made of cooling fabrics like bamboo. These liners are thin and give an extra layer for sweat-wicking during warm nights. They are perfect for hot desert camping trips or humid nights.

Cold Weather
Cold weather sleeping bag liners are usually made with warm microfleece or fleece. This offers an extra cozy layer to add to your sleep system. Cold weather liners are great for the winter car camper, van-lifer, or RVer that likes to travel during the colder months.

How should I wash my sleeping bag liner?

Because liners are made of fabrics similar to most clothing, they are machine washable.
Wash liners on gentle or delicate cycle with regular laundry detergent
Do not use fabric softener
Air dry the liner