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Camping with your partner has potential to be a great bonding experience that can help strengthen and grow your relationship. For a successful trip, it is important to set goals and expectations and be prepared with the right gear.

We’ve put together a list of our top tips and gear recommendations.  

This is the first tip on our guide for a reason. Camping and vacationing with a partner is a lot of work and communication is vital for a successful trip. Plan where you want to go, how far you want to travel, how long you want to stay, and what you need to pack.

Make A List
Lists seem elementary until you forget something. Making a complete list of items that you need to bring to make sure that you don’t leave anything behind.

Divide your list into categories if you plan to split packing responsibilities: clothes, cooking, camping, activity gear, and miscellaneous.

Split and Share Responsibilities
One way to execute a successful camping plan is to divide and conquer. If one of you is good at putting together meals, and the other is good at organizing and packing, then use those personal strengths to your advantage.

Establish these responsibilities with your partner ahead of time instead of expecting the other to individually complete the task.

Establish Personal Boundaries
If you and your partner have differing thoughts about camping, it might be important to establish where lines can’t be crossed. Communicating boundaries can prevent any tension or arguments that may arise. If you are more aware of each others’ comfort levels, you are able to create a better camping experience. 



Gear Duffel
The Gear Duffel is a great way to organize all the items you may need on a camping trip.

Cross Canyon 2
The Cross Canyon 2 fits two people perfectly. You can store your other camping goods in your car and you have an easy-to-setup tent for when you roll into the campsite.

Cross Canyon 3
Didn’t we just suggest the Cross Canyon 2? Isn’t this a couples camping guide? Well let us offer this as a rebuttal: do you have dogs that you take camping? Do you like to store your clothes and gear in the tent with you? The Cross Canyon 3 offers an additional person’s worth of space, so you can stretch out a little bit in your outdoor home.

Insulated Double V

The Insulated Double V is the perfect pad for two. Awesome for four-season camping, the Insulated Double V is an insulated double wide pad is perfect for cuddling up after a fun day at camp. Dual air chambers to prevent the waterbed effect throughout the night so that you can move without disturbing your partner. 


Klymaloft Double
If you want real comfort couples camping, the Klymaloft Double is your new best friend. The combination of air and foam offers a super cozy alternative to an outdated camper van or RV mattresses. It can also easily be rolled up and stored away in it’s roll up sack if you need to hide it away.

Electric Pump
The Electric Pump is a great accessory to accompany the Klymaloft Double. You and your partner can quickly inflate the air mattress and move on to enjoying time by the campfire.

KSB Double
The KSB Double sleeping bag is a two-person sleeping bag perfect for couples camping and cuddling. It easily stacks on top of the Klymaloft Double and has a sleeve that fits the Double V and Insulated Double V. Rated at 30 degrees, it’s a great couples camping bag for summer road trips.


Maxfield 2
If you’re a backpacking couple looking for a tent big enough for two and then some, the Maxfield 2 is the perfect solution. With a pack weight of 4.2 lbs, a trail weight of 3.8 lbs, and a possible fast fly weight of 3 lbs, the Maxfield 2 is our most lightweight shelter. The interior pockets and vestibules allow plenty of gear storage (enough for two!).

Double V
While one person carries the tent, the other can carry this double sleeping pad to your backcountry destination. The Double V is our uninsulated two person pad that brings a little bit of couple-y comfort to the outdoors. It packs at 40 oz, which includes a stuff sack that doubles as a pump, so setting up camp is an easy feat after a long day of hiking.

And the final tip...

Have Fun!

It’s cliche, but remember that camping should be fun! Despite all the mishaps and other crazy things that may happen, you should be able to look back fondly on the camping memories that you create with your partner.