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Day dreaming of the outdoors during this time of uncertainty? The Klymit team is too. We're taking this time to share our absolute favorite places to Sleep Outside. We hope you're inspired to start planning your next adventure under the stars.

CORY THOLL, President
FAVORITE PLACE: Lake Powell, Utah 

"Waking up to my next adventure filled day is never more surreal than in Lake Powell which, to me, is the ideal place to sleep outside. Surrounded by my family and friends that I love and falling asleep to breathtaking red rock landscapes and sunsets comes in second only to the even more amazing sunrises and the call of a glass lake for me to tear it up on the skis for my 5 am run. I love the dry, warm air and the gentle rock of the boat that keeps me softly asleep all night, as if the exhausting days wouldn’t do that anyways. Lake Powell is the best."

MATT MAXFIELD, VP of Development and Operations

"Lake Powell is located in the South end of Utah on the border of Arizona and is America’s second largest man made lake. It is blue water surrounded by towering red rock sandstone cliffs with endless opportunities to explore and enjoy water based activities. I love the ability to escape city lights and sleep on the water looking up at the vast sky of stars you usually never see. I love to sleep on top of a houseboat on a Klymit sleeping pad under the stars falling asleep to the impressive night sky where shooting starts are always to be seen. Thunder & lightning storms are an impressive show as well. I love going to sleep with the stars and waking early with the sun hitting off the red rock cliffs."

TANNER ALLEN, Director of Business Development
FAVORITE PLACE: White Wash Sand Dunes, Utah

"This is a tradition for my family to go to. It offers a wide variety of landscapes to explore, see, and enjoy. We enjoy ATV rides and this allows for all kinds of land types. Rock, sand, and trails. It is one of the few places I have been to where you can look straight up into the stars or sky, and not see a single obstruction in your peripheral vision." 

BECKY STOKER, Sales Operations Manager
FAVORITE PLACE: City of Rocks in Almo, Idaho

"There’s nothing better than just being able to pull down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and set up camp for the night. Almo Idaho has plenty of BLM land that you can use for camping overnight and City of Rocks is right out your backdoor for adventures during the day. The air is clear, the mountain backdrop is gorgeous and you have abundant space to spread out and explore. Bonus: the town of Almo is adorably quaint with 1 gas station, hot springs and a general store that has really good after-hiking pizza!"


"Fish Lake, UT is a high elevation lake, at 9,000 feet located in the Southern Wasatch Mountains in central Utah. The campgrounds are nice, surrounded by mountains, and are very close to the lake shore. So there is amazing views all around. Wildlife sightings are frequent. Hiking trails are abundant and the fishing is always solid for rainbow trout, perch, and lake trout. My family loves chilling on a pontoon boat while we chase the trout."