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During this time of uncertainty, we are all missing our normal routines and adventures. At Klymit, we hope that sharing our favorite places to sleep outside can help to inspire your next adventure once life starts to go back to normal again. We're all in this together. 

MATT COLE, Senior Graphic Designer
FAVORITE PLACE: North Slope of the Uinta Mountains   

"The North Slope of the Uintas is not a very specific “camping spot” but there a several locations I’ve loved to go over the past 30+ years. I don’t often just go camping for the sake of camping — it’s hunting or fishing or hiking that gets me outdoors, so there are several locations across the North Slope that I've enjoyed going. The wide variety of wildlife to see and the different types of terrain, from wide open sage brush flats to high mountain lakes, dense lodgepole pine forests, aspen groves, and semi open creek beds, make it an enjoyable place to be during just about any season."

TYLER WESTBROEK, Product Designer 
FAVORITE PLACE: Flaming Gorge, Utah 

"What makes Flaming Gorge such a rad place to camp is that you actually have to boat into your campsite. You pack all of your stuff and throw it into the boat and then take a nice 15-minute boat ride to a little island where you set up camp and the fun begins. Each campsite has a little dock of its own where you can dock the boat and fish for smallmouth bass and rainbow trout. The best part about Flaming Gorge is what we do on the daily, and that is boat. We spend the entire day out on the water wakeboarding, waterskiing, surfing, tubing, and more! Because Flaming Gorge is a lot less traveled, the water is pretty much glass all day long, which makes for the best boating trip out there. After a long and fun day on the water, we always head back to camp to catch crayfish, play card games, sit around the campfire, and finally turn in for the night. In my mind, there isn't a better way to sleep outside."

MATT BARNES, VP of Finance and HR 
FAVORITE PLACE: Yosemite National Park 

"Yosemite is one of those places that should be on everyone's bucket list. Sleeping under the cool tree cover, enjoying the sun while hiking the granite trails, enjoying a bike ride through the valley, and floating in the clear Merced River, is about as good as it gets." 

SHAWN PARRY, Product Marketing Manager 
FAVORITE PLACE: Southern Utah  

"Nothing beats the beauty of Southern Utah, I love the red and orange colors - they POP when the sun sets. Having all types of adventures close at hand also help, anything from: Hiking, mtn biking, almost anything! There is something about being in the middle of a place like that and looking up to see the Milky Way while surrounding the campfire with friends and family."