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At Klymit, we are all about sleeping outside comfortably, but what about the days in between the nights?

Being outside has proven to be a healthy activity, whether it’s a small walk through the neighborhood or getting up for an early morning alpine tour. Not only can it help physically, but it can be a good choice to stay mentally and socially healthy.


When we go outdoors, most of the time, it’s because we are doing physical activity.

Hiking. Climbing. Paddling. Skiing.

Most outdoor activities help get your body up and moving. Because of this, heading outside can be a step in the right direction when it comes to getting some exercise.

For instance, depending on the difficulty of the path, an average person can burn anywhere from 400 to 500 calories per hour when hiking.Small (literal) steps outside can lead you towards a healthier lifestyle.


Another physical benefit to getting outdoors is receiving much-needed Vitamin D. While it’s not quite known how long individuals need to be outside to get the correct amount of this sunshine vitamin, it’s still vital to head outdoors.

And we know that sunscreen is important, but Vitamin D is absorbed when the skin is unprotected, so don’t be afraid to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin for a couple minutes before applying your protection.


Now let's get to the mental aspects of getting outside. According to a research paper from Stanford, just simply walking can increase your creativity. Taking a break away from your work or schooling can help you get over your writer’s block. Or it can help you resharpen your brain if you are stuck in a rut or if you are having a particularly flustered day at work.

While just walking helps get the creative juices flowing, it makes the most sense for humans to head outside when they want to take a stroll.


The world is stressful. But also the world can help relieve that stress. Being out in nature is known to reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, and decrease cortisol levels, which all are indicators of stress.

Wandering in nature is a great way to take your mind off taxing day to day rituals. You are able to focus on being outside instead of worrying about the small things that might invade your mind if you’re anxious or stressed.

On the flip side, it can also help you gain different perspectives on life. Visiting the natural environment can show you a collection of networked communities and environments that help shift your perspective to seeing the bigger picture.As a result, you may feel more fulfilled and happy, rather than stressing about the small stuff. 


Lastly, at Klymit, we love sleeping outside. And spending time outside can help regulate your sleep.

You are usually more tired thanks to physical activity, which helps knock you out for the night. In addition, if you are taking longer trips outside, it can help reset your biological clock. Without blue light from phones or TVs, you naturally go to sleep when the sun goes down and get up when the sun comes up. Sleeping outside in tents can help you follow this simple natural schedule.

Probably the best way to get good sleep outside is having the right equipment. Pads like the Klymaloft and camping pillows like the Drift Pillow are key products to ensure a good night's sleep, which can lead you on the path towards reaping the benefits of the outdoors.

What’s your favorite reason to be outdoors?