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 Anna Eveson

Position:Accounting & Sales Operations Analyst


Hike: North East Oregon

Summary: Beautiful mountains with tons of hiking trails, campsites, and cabins. Large lake that you can boat on, fish, swim, paddleboard, etc.

Best time: Best time to go if you want to hike would be late May to early July. After early July to late August is the best time if you want to enjoy the water without freezing

What to bring: Bring a swimsuit, something to float on and enjoy the lake! (Be prepared for the cold water though!)

Klymit Gear Recommendations:LiteWater Dinghy!

Gear:Versa Luxe Blanket

Top three features: Fleece, hand and foot pockets, can be made into a pillow

Best for: Keeping you warm and cozy while camping

Lamb and Orzo

Name:Hobo Dinner 

Ingredients:Brats, Potatoes, Veggies, butter, Johnny’s seasoning, cheese

Recipe:Put all ingredients except cheese into some aluminum foil, wrap it up, and put it in the fire or coals. Once potatoes are soft, take it out, put cheese on it and enjoy!