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meet caroline, klymit employee spotlight
meet caroline, klymit employee spotlight

Blake Head

Position:  Controller

Klymit Sleep Outside series - Caroline favorite trip to blue lake and Rockville/Mesa Trailhead

Where:  Anywhere, as long as I’m with good company.

Length + Difficulty (Hike or backpacking trip):  
Highly difficult if kids aren’t cooperating

Best time:  
Depends on how many liquids the kids drank

Brief Summary:  Favorite trips are made by whom I’m with and not what I’m doing.

What to bring:  
Good food, great company, and quality gear (Klymit)!

Klymit KLymaloft Sleeping Pad

 Big Cottonwood -20

Top three features: Extra wide, super comfortable, and sturdy zippers.

Best for: kids who never stop moving and love to test the durability

Deconstructed Spring roll camp recipe

Name: Hobo Dinners

Choose your potatoes, veggies, meats, and your favorite seasoning. Add bacon and butter for extra flavor.

You know how it goes….