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 Cade Rees 

Position: Business Development Specialist/RMA Manager


Hike: Bechler Meadows Loop Trail

Length/Difficulty:13.6 Miles/Moderate

Best Time: Late August, early September

Summary: In my opinion, the best way to experience this loop is booking your trip with Beau Baty and the crew at Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas for a multi day trip. Not only is this a very scenic hike with good views of the meadows, Pitchstone Plateau and the Teton Range but you will also experience waterfalls and hot springs. You will also experience an excellent suspension bridge over Boundary Creek and a couple different river crossings along the way.

What to bring: If you book with Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas it's all-inclusive so you will only need to bring the essentials. However, if you are wanting to do this on your own, deciding what to bring it will depend on if you're looking to do a day trip or a multiple day trip. Day trip you can get away with a good day pack, trekking poles, good hiking boots, jacket, bug repellent, bear spray, nalgene bottle, snacks, and a good camera.

Klymit Gear Recommendation: Assuming you are going to do a multi day trip - Luxe pad, Pillow X Large, Motion 60 pack, V Seat, and KSB 20 sleeping bag.  

Favorite piece of Klymit Gear:
Klymaloft Double 

Top three features: Very comfortable, quiet, and spacious.

Best for:I love it in my Tepui roof top tent but great for car camping as well.


Favorite camp recipe: Hobo dinners

Ingredients: You'll need Potatoes, carrots, onion, aluminum foil, salt and pepper, and hamburger.

-Peel and slice onion, potatoes
-Make hamburger patties to the size of your liking
-Tear off large sheet of foil and place your patty in the center
-Top hamburger with onions, potatoes, carrots, and add a little salt and pepper
-Close up the foil and cook on the fire until hamburger is done (30-45 min)