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 Eric Metzger

Position: Warehouse staff 


Hike: Mount Timpanogas

Length + Difficulty: : Just over 15 miles, fairly arduous as it is one of the highest peaks in Utah. I highly recommend starting in the early hours of the morning if done during the summer. 

Best time: The view at the peak is incredible, it had been my first hike in Utah since i had moved here, and it gave me a sense of scale and magnitude to the scenery Utah had to offer. 

Summary: You start at a trailhead near Timpooneke campground, and begin at a fairly high elevation. It's an out and back hike with the first half being a 4,425 ft elevation gain to the peak. The hike offers a multitude of differing scenery and landscapes that put most other trails I've been on to shame. Unfortunately, I had gone during the peak of last year's forest fires, and it resulted in poor visibility. But even so, the smoke created the illusion of being in the clouds.
What to bring: A reliable pair of hiking shoes, plenty of water, snacks, and toilet paper! Altitude sickness is a real thing. 

Timberline Chair!

Top three features:  Ease of use, comfort, ergonomic.

Best for: Camping, but I use it as a chair for my desk as well.

Lamb and Orzo

Name: Steak and red potatoes

Red potatoes

Recipe: Steak and red potatoes cooked in a cast iron pan over a fire