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 Luke Metzger

Position: Product Development Manager  


Where: Dirt Biking trip in Moab, Utah. Sovereign Trail System.

Best time: Spring or fall 

Brief summary: This a long and difficult trail through some of Moab’s most scenic areas. The trail can take the better part of a day to complete on a motorcycle, but provides a handful of exits points if you want to turn back early. Expect to encounter mountain bikes and be careful of steep exposure along tire width sections of trail. I have done damage on this trail including puncturing the crank case cover of my motorcycle and effectively destroying my radiators.

What to bring: 
• GPS is a must
• Extra Water
• Extra Gas
• Early and late season adventurers should bring extra warm weather gear
• Snacks 

Favorite Klymit Gear for dirt biking trip:
Gear Duffel 65, Stash 18, Splash 25

I always pack my gear in a Klymit Gear Duffel. I love that this bag can carry most of my motorcycle gear and keep it protected in the back of the truck. I typically ride with a Stash 18. The bag is comfortable and not too bulky. I can fit all my gear and extra water in the bag with ease. If the weather is less than ideal, I typically take a Splash 25 to protect my gear when I ride.   


Recipe: Steak and potatoes

Ingredients:Sweet onions, Mushrooms, Steak, Butter


1. Sauté’ ½ the onions in a large Cast Iron.
2. Start cooking the steak in the juices of the onions as the onions start to change color.
Sear both sides to lock in the love.
3. Start to saute the onion and mushrooms in the steak juices. Keep them slightly crunchy.
4. Cook the potatoes.