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 Top Ten Best Trees To Look At In the Fall 

It’s time for fall. Time for colder temps and longer nights. Time for hot ciders and freshly baked cookies.

But for any outdoor enthusiast, fall means one of the best phenomena of the year: vibrant colorful leaves.

While we love the deep greens of pine trees, it’s time for the leaved trees to shine, so let’s take a look at the top 10 best trees to look at in the fall:

sweet birch tree fall leaves

10. Sweet Birch Tree

 Appearance: Warm, golden yellow leaves with brown spots 

 Located: Eastern United States

service berry tree fall leaves

9. Service Berries

 Appearance: Warm reds, oranges, and even purples 

Located: Temperate regions of Northern Hemisphere

Fothergilla tree fall leaves

8. Fothergilla

Appearance: Bright orange/red leaves

Location: Woodlands and swamps of South eastern United States

big tooth/ canyon maple  tree fall leaves

7. Bigtooth/Canyon Maple 

Appearance: Ombre green to red leaves 

Location: Rocky mountain west 

Cottonwood tree fall leaves

 6. Cottonwoods 

Appearance: Vibrant orange/ yellow leaves

 Located: North America

Gambel/Scrub Oak tree fall leaves

 5. Gambel/Scrub Oak

 Appearance: Ombre multicolored irregular -shaped leaves

Located: lower mountain elevations of western United States

Sugar maple Oak tree fall leaves

4. Sugar Maple

 Appearance: Varying shades of yellows, oranges, and reds

 Located: Northeastern/ northcentral United States 

sweet gum  tree fall leaves

3. Sweet Gum Tree 

Appearance: Multcolored star - shaped leaves

 Located: Warm temperate areas of eastern North America 

Witch Hazel tree fall leaves

2. Witch Hazel 

Appearance: Multicolor leaves

 Located: North America

 1. Quaking Aspen

 Appearance: Bright golden yellow leaves against white and black trunks 

Located: Cooler areas of North America 

 Fun Fact: Utah’s State tree