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Top Hiking Snacks

Let’s talk about what is always on our minds: SNACKS. (Maybe it’s just us?...) Whether we’re revolving our schedule around our snack breaks or have some munchies close by all day, everyone needs a little pick me up throughout their day.

Most physical activities suggest you eat prior to engaging in them, and it is important to eat before starting on a trek up a mountain, you do need fuel while you hike. This is due to the fact that going on a hike generally burns a lot of energy and can be a long activity.

After hiking for a while, you will find that your energy needs to be replenished and we’re here to give you some great options to keep that energy up, all the way up the trail.

First suggestion, WATER. Okay, not necessarily a snack, but for sure the most important item you can bring on a hike. It’s also a great way to wash down those tasty energy rejuvenators.

Pro Tip: check out our Hydration Packs for an easy way to pack your water and snacks on hikes!

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Next, we suggest packing some high protein snacks. This can be jerky (don’t forget sustainable floss options!), nuts, or tuna with crackers.

Protein is the best way to fuel your body as it converts into longer lasting energy than other food sources. Protein bars are easily packed, however most of these bars have high sugar content which can boost you for a moment then lead to a sugar crash. When choosing a protein bar, make sure it has low sugar and includes a naturally based sweetener.Some locally sourced options for your protein snack needs are: 

Based in Park City, UT and started with a family recipe for flapjacks, Kodiak Cakes offers high protein options for pancakes, oatmeal, granola bars, and more!

Also beginning in Park City, UT, Pro Bars offer meal replacement bars, protein bars, and more, all with low sugar content.

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G2G Protein Bars 

Started in Orem, UT G2G has at least 18g of protein in each bar, which come in 8 flavors.

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Lastly, fruit is a great option. Bring along dried fruit, bananas, apples, and/or mix these with your protein options!

Fruits also have a lot of nutrients and qualities that can help with symptoms you may experience while on your hike or afterwards. For example, bananas are great for cramp symptoms. Eating a banana on your hike will just help the nutrients get in your body quicker as you move!

Next time you get out there on the trail, make sure you have a well rounded variety of snacks! What will you take with you?