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At Klymit, all of our products are designed and tested in Utah, USA. To celebrate summer and the Beehive State, we're sending our Pro Team member, Ross Bernards, on the ultimate summer road trip in southern Utah. Follow along at our blog and on social media to learn about all of the beautiful destinations and adventure sites southern Utah has to offer. On the way, be sure to check out all the Klymit gear you need to complete your campsite and sleep under the stars comfortably. We've got a good night's rest covered. 

Day #1- Ross, his fiancée, Lauren, and friends head from Vail, CO to southern Utah to start their adventure. 

"In this area, we decided to beat the heat a bit by floating on the Colorado River. Doing short sections in laps so we could trade people out to watch the dogs. The afternoon was spent hunkered down around camp while the afternoon wind whipped through camp." -Ross 

Klymit products featured:
Cross Canyon Tents
Drift Pillows

"During the hot part of the day, we went for a hike up the Onion Creek into the narrow section of the canyon. For camp, we were just trying to stay out of the wind that had kicked up and would be a fun factor for the next couple of days."-Ross

"We woke up early to a few raindrops coming through the tent (we didn't put the fly on because of how hot it was), luckily those drops quickly stopped. We got up and packed up camp as our plan had us heading down towards Mexican Hat which was a 3-hour drive. We started driving back down through the canyon and I sent my drone up as I wanted some shots in the canyon of the car from above. I flew it, got the drone down, and put it away, as soon as I closed the car door the rain just started pouring down. Once the storm passed as we drove south the winds just blew and blew. We had to switch up our plans on where to camp as our planned spot was too exposed to the wind. We found a spot down in Butler Wash. We endured the wind at our "camp" before deciding to hike to some ruins to try and get out of the wind. Once we got back and the sun had set the winds started to die down a bit." -Ross

"Woke up to a calm morning and had some coffee on the slickrock near camp. We decided to go check out some more ancient ruins that were just down the road before the winds came back and we headed towards Muley Point. We took turns hiking (someone had to stay back with our dog Missy) to the different ruins and were blown away by how stunning they still were all these years later. By the time we finished hiking the winds had started to pick up again. We drove up to Muley Point and could really see how strong the winds were. They were howling and blocked out the sun with all of the sand and particulate that was traveling through the air. We sat in the cars and waited... and waited... and waited.... It didn't relent. The forecast said the winds would die down around sunset. They were wrong. The winds lasted until about 2 AM." -Ross

Klymit products featured:
Traverse Hammock
Drift Pillow
Motion 60

"We woke up before the sunrise to finally set up the camp scene that we had come for. We watched the sunrise with the San Juan river meandering below. We made some much-needed coffee and had some breakfast while we packed everything up. We said bye to Lauren and Missy and headed towards Hite. It was still a bit breezy but not nearly as bad as the day before. We found a spot that seemed to block most of it. We were all exhausted. Nobody slept much the night before, so we had some lunch and then we all found whatever shade we could and tried to get a little sleep. Peter found a shady spot in the start of a canyon. Chris and I found some shade under a bench on the side of the wash. As the sun got lower in the sky we hiked out to the edge of the narrows section of the canyon. We went back to camp as the sun was setting and had some dinner and time by a fire for the first time in days. We all slept quite well that night." -Ross

"We woke up and made some breakfast and packed up quickly. Before meeting up with the crew from Klymit, Peter wanted to hop in an LWD and float next to the plunging cliffs that dive right into the Colorado River. We drove down to the boat ramp and got ready. It's easy to lose a sense of distance and scale when you're next to these massive cliffs. What I thought would be a 5-minute walk to where I wanted to take photos of Peter floating ended up being a 25-minute walk. I watched Peter float on by and around the bend before heading back to the car. Once Peter was back we hopped in the cars and went to meet up with the Klymit team for adventures in Leprechaun Canyon and Burr Point." -Ross