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At Klymit, all of our products are designed and tested in Utah, USA. To celebrate summer and the Beehive State, we're sending our Pro Team member, Ross Bernards, on the ultimate summer road trip in southern Utah. Follow along at our blog and on social media to learn about all of the beautiful destinations and adventure sites southern Utah has to offer. On the way, be sure to check out all the Klymit gear you need to complete your campsite. 

"After we left the Klymit crew at Burr Point we stopped in Hanksville for a customary burger at Stan's. With refueled cars and stomachs we headed north towards the San Rafael Swell. The winds had died down but that gave way to the heat. It. Was. Hot! On our way out to our planned campsite we took a long detour through the San Rafael Reef. A dirt road that followed a wash through the reef. We were able to find another shady area to beat the heat of the midday sun. We drove the rest of the road after a good shade session and around Temple Mountain. Passing old cars that have been there for 60 or more years. Slowly being reclaimed by the desert. After a few more miles of rocky road, we finally came to our campsite that looked down over the backside of the reef. The full moon came up as we had dinner around the fire and the sun started to set. Clouds came in and blocked out a lot of the bright moonlight which helped us sleep." -Ross 

"The night before we set our alarms for 5 AM to catch the lunar eclipse. I woke to the sound of my phone vibrating and looked outside.... The skies were completely covered in clouds. We got camp packed up and said bye to Chris and Lilly as they had to head back to Park City. Peter and I headed down towards the furthest southern point in the swell, where Muddy Creek cuts through the reef. We drove up to our campsite and were excited to be back. The creek was flowing which meant we had a great way to cool off during the day. We decided to hike down the creek and into the reef with the large walls towering on either side of the creek. Spring was in full swing through the canyon as the vibrant greens from the grasses and cottonwoods. We got back to camp and started up dinner and fire as the sun was starting to set. Even though we were down low the colors in the sky finally went off for the first time of the trip. After the sun had set I used an app on my phone to see where the moon would be rising and sure enough it came up right over The "V" in the canyon where the creek cuts through. We ended up staying up until about 1 AM watching the moon rise up and then behind the canyon walls." -Ross

"Final day of the road trip! Peter and I got up, cooled off in the water for a minute before starting the trip back home." -Ross