What is the durability of the fabric used on Klymit sleeping pads? What does the difference in denier mean?
What is your Return Policy?
What if I get a puncture in my Klymit pad?
Is there a warranty on Klymit products?
Does Klymit offer replacement patch kits?
My Klymit pad is leaking. How do I start a warranty claim?
I just got a ‘RMA number’ for my warranty claim. What is an RMA?
Does Klymit offer replacement parts?


Who is Klymit?
I just placed an order on Klymit.com. When will my order be shipping?
How do I track my package?
How do I get some awesome Klymit stickers?


How do you pronounce ‘Static V’?
Are Klymit pads noisy?
How do I use the new Flip Valve?
How much should I inflate my Klymit pad?
What is R-Value and how do I know what R Value my pad will have?
What temperature can I use my Klymit pad in and still stay warm?
How do I roll my Klymit pad up like a pro?
How do I clean my Klymit pad?
How do I store my Klymit pad?
My Klymit pad seems to lose air overnight. What is an acceptable level of deflation?
What is the weight limit of Klymit pads?
Why are there cut outs and holes in some of your Klymit pads?


What is a KSB?
Does Klymit use responsibly sourced down feathers?
Which Klymit sleeping bag should I get?
How do I know if I should purchase the Large or Extra Large Klymit sleeping bag?
How do I store my Klymit sleeping bag?
How do I clean/wash my Klymit sleeping bag?
My Klymit sleeping bag seems to be leaking feathers. Is this normal?
Are Klymit sleeping bags waterproof?


How do I figure out if the Motion 60 pack will fit me?
How do I fit my backpack properly?
Is the Splash 25 pack waterproof?
My inflatable Airbeam Frame Sheet is larger than the pocket in the backpack. Is that normal?


What is the Traverse Hammock?
How do you set up the Traverse Hammock?
What is the Lay Flat Hammock?
How do you set up the Lay Flat Hammock?
What is the weight limit for the Klymit hammock?


Does the LiteWater Dinghy (LWD) include a paddle?
Why does my LWD bend when inflated?
I got a hole in my LWD. What do I do?!?


How do I use my Rapid Air Roll-Top Pump?
Which Rapid Air Roll-Top Pump should I get?
What is a V-Sheet, and do I really need one?
I have one of your sweet Luxe Pillows. Can I wash the cover on it?
Is the Cush a seat or a pillow?
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