SKU: 100T12

Anti-Theft Trailer Coupler Ball and Lock

$5.00 $22.99

Our Anti-Theft Trailer Coupler Ball guards against theft when the trailer is off the vehicle. The Trailer Ball guards against trailer tow-away by filling the space where hitch balls or smaller towing devices are inserted. The lock is designed so that bolt cutters cannot be used on it. The Anti-Theft Trailer Coupler Ball and Lock performs better than many trailer security devices that are double or triple the price!


  • Polycarbonate ball cannot be broken or removed once secured with lock
  • Impossible to misplace when zip tied to trailer chain
  • Lock features branded orange band for increased visibility to deter theft
  • Guards against trailer tow-away
  • Fills hitch space in coupler to prevent towing devices from being inserted

Fits: 1 7/8" & 2" Trailer Couplers
Includes: Trailer Ball, Lock, Keys, UV Protected Zip Tie, and Set-up Guide