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Show your sleeping pad some love. tips and tricks on how to keep your pad in adventure ready shape.

Klymit Couple’s Camping Guide 2023

We all know what February means: LOVE season is here! And we have the perfect gift guide for all you camping lovers and lovers alike for this Valentine’s Day.

So, let’s talk about love for a moment. Ever heard of the 5 love languages from Gary Chapman? They are known as: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Everyone has a different love language and we’re here to help you find the gift to match your loved one’s way of feeling appreciated!


Let’s talk – pillow talk. If your significant other likes sharing how they feel about you, their love language might just be words of affirmation! Consider getting a Drift Camp Pillow for your next pillow talk sesh. If you already have a pillow you love, check out our Drift Pillowcase to keep your pillow safe and clean during your next camp out! Let your loved one know how you feel with the gift of telling them things you appreciate about them.


Don’t just be together – listen to each other, laugh with one another, and focus on your partner by limiting distractions. Try spending some time together in our Cross Canyon 2 Person Tent at the end of a fulfilling camp day and light the way with our Everglow Light Tube. Enjoy a meaningful conversation, read a book you both enjoy, or play a card game together. Remember, quality time isn’t about just being with one another, it’s about enjoying your time together.


Well, this one is a given. If your partner loves receiving gifts, any of these suggestions could do! If you really want to wow your loved one this Valentine’s Day, we suggest kicking it up a notch with the luxury of our Klymaloft Sleeping Pads. We know you’ve been eyeing it, and your partner will have all the warm fuzzies knowing you spent a little extra on them for their comfort! We recommend the Klymaloft Double for you cuddlers out there.


If your significant other appreciates when you help them complete chores, tasks, or any other act of service, we’ve got a suggestion for you! Next time you go camping, try packing for them – check out our Gear Duffel Bags for a great storage option! Or get them one of our comfortable Switchback Chairs. Let them sit back and relax while you set up camp or cook dinner for them while you’re out on your next adventure!


Physical touch isn’t just one of the most known love languages, it’s a very important one too! Snuggle up with your partner in one of our double sleeping bags – KSB Double or 30 Degree 2 Person. An alternative is using our Wild Aspen Rectangle (see also – Navigator Series - Wild Aspen) or Big Cottonwood sleeping bags and zipping them together. This is a great option when you want to cuddle up together after a nice conversation by the fire. Let the sparks fly, and we don’t just mean for the campfire!

Don’t forget – there ain’t no love like self-love. Even if you don’t have a significant other, make sure to treat yo’self this V-day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!