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Show your sleeping pad some love. tips and tricks on how to keep your pad in adventure ready shape.

How To Get Out More In The Winter

Cold weather opens the door to a world of different opportunities despite many activities being unavailable in the winter. If skiing and snowboarding aren’t your go-to snow activity, we have some suggestions for you! 



Don’t have snowshoes? No worries! You can rent snowshoes at most local outdoor stores and even some resorts. Most trails that you can find in the summer are also available in the winter for snowshoeing. Bring along our Mystic or Echo Hydration Pack on your adventure. Always check beforehand on a canyon website, AllTrails, or other trusted source to ensure the trail is fit for snowshoeing.

Hiking in winter

Some trails won’t require snowshoes but can be icy. For these trails, take some crampons! These spikes attach to your hiking boots for better traction on ice. Try taking one of our Horizon blankets and an ORCA Chaser with you so you can take a break to eat some snacks and have a warm drink on your winter trail! *Always use caution when hiking on icy trails.

Winter camping

Camping in the winter can be daunting, but if you have the right gear and plan well it can be rewarding. Many people appreciate the challenge that winter camping presents because of the beauty and solitude you can find in a snowy landscape. Please ensure you are well prepared before heading to a camp spot in winter months.


Dog sledding/Sleigh ride

This one is a little more location specific as it may not be available in less snowy areas. If you are up for something new and have kids who like to get out in the winter, this could be a great family activity. Make sure you bundle up and call beforehand if scheduling is needed. Try taking our Homestead Cabin Comforter to keep your family warm during the activity!

Book a yurt or cabin

Who doesn’t love an opportunity for glamping? Camping in winter can be a lot more challenging, so why not spruce it up a bit with a yurt or a cabin? You’ll be sure to be cozy, and if you’re the type to want to bring the comforts of home with you when you’re traveling, then try our Drift Pillowcase. It fits all standard queen-sized pillows and easily morphs your pillow from home from travel-friendly mode to a soft, clean sleep surface.

Ice skating

Classic and fun, ice skating is a great way to get out in winter! Try to find a place that offers outdoor skating. Many locations have these options in winter. This is also a great way to get a large group involved in getting outdoors!


Indoor climbing 

If you want a new way to stay active during colder months, try an outdoor activity that is offered indoors, like rock climbing! You can usually get a day pass at a local climbing gym for about $20, and they provide all the necessary gear. This is a great way to stay active during the winter.

Store/organize your gear

What better time to organize and check your gear than winter? This is a perfect time to test your gear and ensure it is in its best working condition for your active outdoor months. There are many ways that you can organize and store your outdoor gear once you know which products you are going to keep for the next season.

Set your outdoor goals for the warmer months

Another great way to spend time inside while dreaming of the outdoors is by setting goals for your outside activities this year. During this time, you can research the activities you would like to participate in and be more prepared for them. Your goals can include saving up for different gear, planning how many miles you would like to hike in a year, or planning an outdoor activity you have yet to try.

What activities are you doing this winter?